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Everyday everyone is flying around the Internet like an online super hero who has access to the greatest work and entertainment power in the universe. We’ve also become so conditioned to demand and enjoy speed and simplicity, when someone lands on your website you have very little time to fully capture their attention before they click away. Whether you’re just trying to grow your online following and get more people to like and subscribe to your content, or you’re trying to sell a product or service, if you can’t get visitors to stay on your page long enough to appreciate what you offer, then you’ll never make that happen.

bounceYou can think of it like attention deficit disorder or just the result of repeated mental conditioning, but in the data world this phenomenon is measured in bounce rates. Google tracks your page visitors to measure interaction, engagement, and satisfaction. Bounce rates say a lot about people’s behavior on your website and the usefulness of your content.

animated explainer videoNow, it may seem sad to compare the attention span of the oh so resourceful and intelligent human being to that of a goldfish, but honestly that’s what science tells us our situation has gotten to. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it is expected that the evolution of the Internet and the Mobile Age have impacted the wiring of the brain, and the decreased length of our attention span likely has to do with our natural desire to filter out irrelevant information.

Science has fundamentally proven that we’re all extremely easily distracted. So, how do you get people to actually pay attention, understand the value of your new idea, or take the time to learn about the importance of your service, during the era of cat videos, celebrity selfies, and ridiculous memes.

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Well it starts with understanding your audience better and how to cater to what they want and what works effectively.

3 Reasons Explainer Videos Solve Traffic Retention Problems.

1. Capture Attention Quickly

video productionAccording to HubSpot’s recent study of online engagement 55% of the people that hit your website spend less than 15 seconds viewing your page before they click away, which means the majority of your visitors ARE NOT reading most of the text on your webpages.

Video gives your viewers an immediate focus to click on and tells them everything they need to know about your service in just a minute or so. Not only is it a great way to catch people’s attention, but it’s also less active than reading, which makes it easier and more enjoyable for viewers. Plus, visual aids are really helpful for teaching difficult concepts. Video engages multiple areas of the brain which makes it super useful for connecting and communicating ideas.

If you think about your website just like any physical brick and mortar store, you know how important it is to greet someone who enters your store in a friendly and personal way, especially if they need assistance. Video is a great way to directly engage your website visitors, explain your product or service, brand your company, and offer a great customer experience. With a high-quality explainer video you can easily hold someone’s attention for 90 seconds or longer, giving you plenty of time to make a great impression and land a potential new fan or customer.

2. Focus on Your Customers

In Simon Sinek’s Ted talk on The Golden Circle of Marketing, he discusses the importance of inspiring action by focusing on the “why”.

All great marketers use the principles of this technique to capture viewers’ attention with big ideas and human values, then they follow up with concrete examples of how these big ideas are embodied in a product or service, and finally tell you the reality of what they are selling. So, it proceeds in a why, how, what progression.

For the vast majority of products and services, the “why” will come down to two main things, the problems your customers deal with and the thoughts and feelings you want to target and evoke as a brand. General sales strategy greatly emphasizes the importance of relating to your customers. The more you focus on “we” statements, especially at the start of your pitch, the more you draw attention to the fact you’re trying to sell yourself rather than sell to the customer. So, whether it’s your website content, a presentation, or a video, start with the “why”, focus on your customers, their problems, and how your product or service solves them.

One of the great aspects of explainer videos versus traditional commercial advertising is the length of your spot. People who are invested in watching a one to two minute video will be much more receptive and likely to make a purchase, because they care about and are looking for the actual benefits and features. Commercials rarely have enough time to get past the “why”, so while they serve their purpose, explainer videos have different advantages. A term we like that’s been coined recently is ‘honest marketing’. The idea behind honest marketing is that if a product or service is innately valuable it will practically sell itself just by being true to what it offers. So, unlike commercials which very frequently rely on celebrity cameos, stretched out metaphors, cheap humor, shock value, and a host of other mindless marketing strategies, the focus of an explainer video is aligned with the principles of honest marketing.

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Video gives the people who land on your website a fast, fun, and easy way to learn about your company, what you offer as a service, and how and why it helps them. It increases the rate at which people sign up for websites and make online purchases, it’s great for increasing recognition and memory for your brand, and it’s the most versatile form of content you can use to engage with your audience.

3. Create A Relationship

A huge focus in the modern business world, especially with the launch of social media, is creating a personal relationship with your customers, embodying more than just a distant service provider. All of the most successful companies and organizations create and promote online brands to identify and relate with their customers. This includes making the user experience interactive with ongoing content on blogs, social media, and YouTube.

So why not start a conversation with your customers that can lead you down a path to success!?

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