A Unified System:

No matter how unusual we may seem, when it comes down to it, we really just care about you. We’ll devote ourselves to uncovering your mind’s clearest vision, capturing your brand’s one of a kind voice, and designing a sensational experience to entertain and educate your viewers. Our process is customized to fit your needs, collaborative throughout every step, and performed by a qualified crew who pride themselves on attention to detail. So, try to think of us as in this together, because really, we’re nothing without you.

First Impression

Have you ever sparked an instantaneous connection with a film, story, or even a person you just met, the kind of connection that resonates with the core of your being in a profound and esoteric way, leaving you unexplainably refreshed and at peace with the present moment? Well, we like to think of this phenomenon as the beautiful, mysterious unfolding of destiny, the unconscious mind recognizing self, and the intuitive connection between all living things! In other words, we’re a bunch of weirdos who love working with others to create and inspire. So if you like what we do, come say hello, let’s get to know each other, and see if we’re a good fit.

Our first objective is to become experts on you. So we ask that you send us any relevant resources and schedule a time to meet and connect. We’ll create a video framework with our Project Planner and join forces in a Creative Development Session. Then we use all the information we gather to customize a proposal for your project.

We believe the best way to start production is with clearly defined goals. So help us understand exactly what we need to know to make your ideal video.


Once we know your company like a business partner should, it’s time to put our talent and creativity to work.

Video production is an open landscape with tons of opportunity. So without limitation, we’ll brainstorm every angle we can to make your message entertaining, educational, and effective. This includes out-of-the-box thinking, proven literary devices, emotional appeals, persuasive humor, and just about anything our wildly enthusiastic brains can come up with. After we’re convinced we’ve found our best angles, we’ll shower you with our initial storyline and design concepts and check to make sure our brainwaves are in sync.

Coming up with unique and original ways to make an impact on your audience is one of the most enjoyable aspects of producing a video. Of course we want to stick within the realm of what’s appropriate and focus on effective marketing, but one of the best ways to do that is by just being personable. So don’t be afraid to let your imagination run free. We won’t.


After we’ve established a creative direction, then we’ll take our inspiration and lay down a rock-solid foundation with a hard hitting script. We’ll also record a rough audio track to help pace the animation, which gives us some flexibility for future edits.

Scriptwriting is just as much an art as visual design, animation, and music, and it’s actually the most crucial layer of your video. Words and ideas set the stage for all of the wonderful possibilities we can illustrate and animate. So, if the writing and direction are bland, dreary, or boring, then there won’t be much to work with. Instead, we aim to find our client’s competitive edge and tell your absolute best story. Let’s forget the business jargon, lose the cookie-cutter structure, and write like we mean it. We’ll do our best to keep your script short and sweet (usually under 90 seconds) and focus on the “why”, which is the central tenant of all successful marketing.

You can think of script writing like screenwriting for a movie. Regardless of how much money you spend on CGI and explosions, if the writing, dialogue, and development don’t hold up then viewers won’t care.


Your design style says a lot about your video and your brand. So let’s find an aesthetic that matches you perfectly. Whether you want sleek and elegant graphic design, highly detailed characters, kinetic text animation, or 3D visuals, we can do it all!

The visual design process varies from project to project depending on the concept and style of video. And while art direction is sometimes straightforward, it may often have more freedom for interpretation. So, if we think it’ll be helpful, we’ll start with sketching a storyboard to settle on a plot line. Once we know what we’re designing, we’ll create the illustrations scene by scene and make sure every detail is just right before we move into animation.

People may not always be aware of it, but the brain is hardwired to recognize and appreciate beauty. What we design matters, and it’ll have a major effect on how viewers perceive your company and choose to respond.


Once the illustrations are carefully inspected and blessed with your approval, get ready for some mind-blowing, brain-bending creative magic!

Top-notch animation takes meticulous attention to detail, but it’s so worth it! We want you to imagine the difference in time and skill it would take to build a castle out of cards or out of toothpicks. Think about the contrast between popping frozen food in the microwave or slaving away for hours and hours to create a feast fit for kings. Now apply that to video, and you get the distinction between haphazard, clunky, cheap animation or smooth, sleek, beautifully crafted motion design. We prefer the latter.

Video has the power to command attention, evoke emotion, and inspire action. Although it takes a lot of time and patience to execute, and it’s not feasible for every budget, can you really put a dollar sign on the value and return of remarkable user experience?


Let’s give your precious new video just the right amount of emotion and personality with some perfectly placed music and sound.

Although people tend to rationalize their behavior with logic, there’s an underlying emotional motivation that drives every action. This means it’s incredibly important to evoke the appropriate feelings in your audience, to coordinate the emotional centers of the brain with the rational thinking centers, and one of the best ways to accomplish this is through music. Now, your video could have a monotonous background track that sort of drags the viewer along while a VO drones on. Or we could create an inviting sonic space with dynamic sound that truly supports your aesthetic, accents every crucial moment, and converts first time viewers into long-time fans of your brand.

Here you get to see all the planning, discussion, and hard work from all the previous phases come together in beautiful synchronicity. We’ll send you off with a final HD version to host and share, and if you want to make the most out of your brand new video, ask about our marketing campaign, Prepare for Takeoff!