videoYouTube’s very own Robert Kyncl expects videos to soon account for nearly 90% of all Internet traffic. That means to be successful online, it’s not only important that you’re simply creating video content; you need to create videos that make you stand out, leave a lasting impression on viewers, and lead to more likes, followers, and sales.

Even though video accounts for such a high volume of traffic, most businesses are not yet investing in it, which means, there’s still an open opportunity to market your business online, increase your exposure, establish a brand, and gain a massive edge over your competition. The return on your investment could allow you to run an ongoing content marketing campaign, help you foster a sincere relationship with your viewers, and build a valuable online presence.

Let’s discuss three different perspectives which all point to video as the content king.

1. Marketing: It’s All About ‘You’

explainer videosIf you learn anything about marketing or sales, then you’ll probably come away with the general understanding that the key to success is focusing on your customer and their positive and negative reasons for wanting to be involved with your company or brand. By establishing a personal relationship, you can transfer emotions into a desire to purchase, sign-up for, or subscribe to a product or service. The foundation of these principles stems from an understanding of why someone would want to buy or use anything. Therefore, marketing relies on presenting human scenarios, and how your brand fits into and enhances those experiences.

Advertising methods have drastically evolved with the popularization of the Internet and mobile technology. Nearly the entire world has a platform on which they can reach potential fans and improve the success and reputation for their personal or professional brand. This instant access medium for human connection has massive potential, but there is also a ton of competition. So, when it comes to producing noteworthy content, if you don’t want to drown in the noise, then you need to create something that stands out. Cheap explainer videos and low-quality video production aren’t going to cut it and will most likely just waste your time and money.

So, what does it look like when it’s done right?

Here are three brands we follow who do a great job of keeping their fans engaged with informative, entertaining, and high-quality video content.


animated videos







explainer videos






Kurzgesagt, or In a Nutshell:

explainer video companies





2. Statistics: Numbers Are Nice Too

explainer video production

Now there are a ton of success stories about how explainer videos have skyrocketed conversions for some of the biggest names on the Internet. You have Dropbox, CrazyEgg, ZenCash, and a bunch of others. There’s also a ton of articles and statistics to help support the claims.

Here are just a few:

But today, we want to focus on a couple of our own success stories.

Meet two of our coolest clients: Youzign and PineApp (now Cybonet). We had the opportunity to work with each company to help communicate the value of their service through an animated video, both with different, measurable results.

Here’s the Youzign video:

And a testimonial from the owner and founder:

If you didn’t watch the video, what you would learn from Bertrand is that during the re-launch of his service with this video we created for him, his company grossed over $500,000 in the space of 7 days! We put our heart and soul into his video, but we didn’t imagine it would have so much success.

Here’s the video we made for PineApp’s relaunch of the upgraded MailSecure 5.1:

This video was displayed at professional conferences around the world and had such a widespread appeal we were graced with the compliment of being called, “…the most successful marketing expense in the 15-year history of the company.” We’re not entirely sure what statistics they used to draw that conclusion, but we’re happy to accept it.

3. Bio-Psychology: Science Doesn’t Lie (Most of the time)

Studies have a lot to say about how video affects the brain, and they’re mostly good things! But instead of reading, how about we put these concepts into practice with an explainer video about explainer videos:

For those of us who are still curious about learning more, here are some great written pieces that go into greater depth:

The Science Behind Why Video Works

6 Scientific Reasons Online Video Connects With Viewers

The Science behind Explainer Videos and Why They’re So Effective

The Takeaway Points:
-Video activates multiple neural centers in the brain which increases understanding, improves memory, and evokes emotion.
-Visual information is processed at a much higher speed than language is. When you use the two in conjunction, referred to as the dual coding process, you can communicate information quickly and effectively.
-Video triggers specialized mirror neurons in the brain which connects with the human ability to empathize and influences emotion, which conversely influences behavior and purchasing decisions.