5 Ways We Helped Youzign Gross Over $500K in 7 Days

To this day, one of our biggest success stories was working with Youzign to create a live-action stock and 3D animated video for their website re-launch. If you haven’t seen the video, check it out, and you can also watch Bertrand’s video testimonial below. (This is before we updated our website, domain, and company name to ExplainYourSite.)

 We didn’t expect the re-launch would be so successful, and simply being a part of making this all come together was beyond rewarding. So now that we’ve taken some time away from this project, let’s discuss what actually went into this project and the reasons for its’ success.

1. Distilling Their Brand

explainer video

There are a ton options out there for graphic design software so creating a distinct brand and identity for Youzign was an extremely important step to establishing a foundation for the video. The name itself represents much of what this identity is, so as creative partners we were just responsible for building and expanding on it and communicating that identity through script writing.

Nevertheless, finding a way to talk about your brand in a very simple and straightforward way is not necessarily easy. Like is said in Shakespeare, “brevity is the soul of wit”, so reducing all the excess jargon and unveiling the most essential and fundamental aspects of a brand identity can take some work. Thankfully we’ve had a lot of experience doing so, and the central tenant we use to discover our core focus is always focusing on the larger question at play, “Why?”. 

2. Simplifying Their Service

animated video

Although the service is somewhat self-explanatory, when you’re trying to communicate it through video, it’s critical to focus on the most important aspects and leave the rest for further research. Otherwise, the length gets a little longer than ideal, and you start to distract viewers from the benefits.

When a script was first brought to us, it had a lot of feature-oriented language, and we insisted that we do our best to trim it down to its most basic level and focus on creating a core message. In doing so, we created a cleaner, more fluid, and more attention-grabbing script. 

3. Capturing a Grand Vision

animated videos

Sometimes creativity doesn’t need an explanation. Sometimes ideas just seem to fit and work with a brand, and we knew from the get-go that incorporating stock footage into the video and creating a professional 3D animation of the software interface would be the best way to portray the company.

From that foundation, we then stepped into the nearly limitless options of selecting stock footage, and with some adjustments to the diction, we were able to locate a handful of clips that captured the essence of the script, fit with our word choice, looked appealing, and transitioned well between each other.

Then it was just a matter of using designs already created on a platform and incorporating them into our own original 3D design.

explainer videos

We worked on music and audio before and side-by-side with visual production. We knew we wanted something that would evoke emotion, give a sense of being uplifted and empowered, and this fit the brand’s identity of giving individuals without a design background the ability to craft professional graphics for their own business. And with the help of Tim McMorris’ lovely track, Wild Heart, the voice of our Creative Director, Brennan, and the technical savvy of our sound designer, David, we laid down an audio track that supports the visuals all the way through.

4. Engaging Website Visitors

video production

When you’re launching a marketing campaign to send traffic to your website, it’s critical that you capture their attention quickly and keep them interested in your page. Video content is by far the most effective way to do this. Not only is it a passive way for viewers to learn about your website, but the combination of audio and visuals engages multiple centers in the brain which make learning feel more like play and creates a lasting impression with improved memory and comprehension. 

5. Encouraging a Call to Action

Every video should focus on engagement, and by the time the viewer has finished watching there needs to be another step in the pipeline, whether it’s signing up to an email list, liking your social media page, or making a purchase.

As part of the landing page, Youzign’s video had a clear call to action encouraging visitors to purchase the software at a highly discounted rate, and the call obviously worked based on how the video and their re-launch campaign performed.

So our call toaction for you, is rather than letting your website sit in a motionless state, why not create a video and explain exactly what your brand and your purpose is.




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Impact Your Audience and Raise Brand Awareness with Video

videoYouTube’s very own Robert Kyncl expects videos to soon account for nearly 90% of all Internet traffic. That means to be successful online, it’s not only important that you’re simply creating video content; you need to create videos that make you stand out, leave a lasting impression on viewers, and lead to more likes, followers, and sales.

Even though video accounts for such a high volume of traffic, most businesses are not yet investing in it, which means, there’s still an open opportunity to market your business online, increase your exposure, establish a brand, and gain a massive edge over your competition. The return on your investment could allow you to run an ongoing content marketing campaign, help you foster a sincere relationship with your viewers, and build a valuable online presence.

Let’s discuss three different perspectives which all point to video as the content king.

1. Marketing: It’s All About ‘You’

explainer videosIf you learn anything about marketing or sales, then you’ll probably come away with the general understanding that the key to success is focusing on your customer and their positive and negative reasons for wanting to be involved with your company or brand. By establishing a personal relationship, you can transfer emotions into a desire to purchase, sign-up for, or subscribe to a product or service. The foundation of these principles stems from an understanding of why someone would want to buy or use anything. Therefore, marketing relies on presenting human scenarios, and how your brand fits into and enhances those experiences.

Advertising methods have drastically evolved with the popularization of the Internet and mobile technology. Nearly the entire world has a platform on which they can reach potential fans and improve the success and reputation for their personal or professional brand. This instant access medium for human connection has massive potential, but there is also a ton of competition. So, when it comes to producing noteworthy content, if you don’t want to drown in the noise, then you need to create something that stands out. Cheap explainer videos and low-quality video production aren’t going to cut it and will most likely just waste your time and money.

So, what does it look like when it’s done right?

Here are three brands we follow who do a great job of keeping their fans engaged with informative, entertaining, and high-quality video content.

TechInsider: https://www.facebook.com/techinsider/?fref=ts

animated videos






WakeUpWorld: https://www.facebook.com/joinwakeupworld/?fref=ts

explainer videos






Kurzgesagt, or In a Nutshell: https://www.youtube.com/user/Kurzgesagt

explainer video companies





2. Statistics: Numbers Are Nice Too

explainer video production

Now there are a ton of success stories about how explainer videos have skyrocketed conversions for some of the biggest names on the Internet. You have Dropbox, CrazyEgg, ZenCash, and a bunch of others. There’s also a ton of articles and statistics to help support the claims.

Here are just a few: http://www.insivia.com/50-must-know-stats-about-video-marketing-2016/

But today, we want to focus on a couple of our own success stories.

Meet two of our coolest clients: Youzign and PineApp (now Cybonet). We had the opportunity to work with each company to help communicate the value of their service through an animated video, both with different, measurable results.

Here’s the Youzign video:

And a testimonial from the owner and founder:

If you didn’t watch the video, what you would learn from Bertrand is that during the re-launch of his service with this video we created for him, his company grossed over $500,000 in the space of 7 days! We put our heart and soul into his video, but we didn’t imagine it would have so much success.

Here’s the video we made for PineApp’s relaunch of the upgraded MailSecure 5.1:

This video was displayed at professional conferences around the world and had such a widespread appeal we were graced with the compliment of being called, “…the most successful marketing expense in the 15-year history of the company.” We’re not entirely sure what statistics they used to draw that conclusion, but we’re happy to accept it.

3. Bio-Psychology: Science Doesn’t Lie (Most of the time)

Studies have a lot to say about how video affects the brain, and they’re mostly good things! But instead of reading, how about we put these concepts into practice with an explainer video about explainer videos:

For those of us who are still curious about learning more, here are some great written pieces that go into greater depth:

The Science Behind Why Video Works

6 Scientific Reasons Online Video Connects With Viewers

The Science behind Explainer Videos and Why They’re So Effective

The Takeaway Points:
-Video activates multiple neural centers in the brain which increases understanding, improves memory, and evokes emotion.
-Visual information is processed at a much higher speed than language is. When you use the two in conjunction, referred to as the dual coding process, you can communicate information quickly and effectively.
-Video triggers specialized mirror neurons in the brain which connects with the human ability to empathize and influences emotion, which conversely influences behavior and purchasing decisions.

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Understanding Bounce Rates and Why They Matter

explainer video

Everyday everyone is flying around the Internet like an online super hero who has access to the greatest work and entertainment power in the universe. We’ve also become so conditioned to demand and enjoy speed and simplicity, when someone lands on your website you have very little time to fully capture their attention before they click away. Whether you’re just trying to grow your online following and get more people to like and subscribe to your content, or you’re trying to sell a product or service, if you can’t get visitors to stay on your page long enough to appreciate what you offer, then you’ll never make that happen.

bounceYou can think of it like attention deficit disorder or just the result of repeated mental conditioning, but in the data world this phenomenon is measured in bounce rates. Google tracks your page visitors to measure interaction, engagement, and satisfaction. Bounce rates say a lot about people’s behavior on your website and the usefulness of your content.

animated explainer videoNow, it may seem sad to compare the attention span of the oh so resourceful and intelligent human being to that of a goldfish, but honestly that’s what science tells us our situation has gotten to. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it is expected that the evolution of the Internet and the Mobile Age have impacted the wiring of the brain, and the decreased length of our attention span likely has to do with our natural desire to filter out irrelevant information.

Science has fundamentally proven that we’re all extremely easily distracted. So, how do you get people to actually pay attention, understand the value of your new idea, or take the time to learn about the importance of your service, during the era of cat videos, celebrity selfies, and ridiculous memes.

explainer video companies

Well it starts with understanding your audience better and how to cater to what they want and what works effectively.

3 Reasons Explainer Videos Solve Traffic Retention Problems.

1. Capture Attention Quickly

video productionAccording to HubSpot’s recent study of online engagement 55% of the people that hit your website spend less than 15 seconds viewing your page before they click away, which means the majority of your visitors ARE NOT reading most of the text on your webpages.

Video gives your viewers an immediate focus to click on and tells them everything they need to know about your service in just a minute or so. Not only is it a great way to catch people’s attention, but it’s also less active than reading, which makes it easier and more enjoyable for viewers. Plus, visual aids are really helpful for teaching difficult concepts. Video engages multiple areas of the brain which makes it super useful for connecting and communicating ideas.

If you think about your website just like any physical brick and mortar store, you know how important it is to greet someone who enters your store in a friendly and personal way, especially if they need assistance. Video is a great way to directly engage your website visitors, explain your product or service, brand your company, and offer a great customer experience. With a high-quality explainer video you can easily hold someone’s attention for 90 seconds or longer, giving you plenty of time to make a great impression and land a potential new fan or customer.

2. Focus on Your Customers

In Simon Sinek’s Ted talk on The Golden Circle of Marketing, he discusses the importance of inspiring action by focusing on the “why”.

All great marketers use the principles of this technique to capture viewers’ attention with big ideas and human values, then they follow up with concrete examples of how these big ideas are embodied in a product or service, and finally tell you the reality of what they are selling. So, it proceeds in a why, how, what progression.

For the vast majority of products and services, the “why” will come down to two main things, the problems your customers deal with and the thoughts and feelings you want to target and evoke as a brand. General sales strategy greatly emphasizes the importance of relating to your customers. The more you focus on “we” statements, especially at the start of your pitch, the more you draw attention to the fact you’re trying to sell yourself rather than sell to the customer. So, whether it’s your website content, a presentation, or a video, start with the “why”, focus on your customers, their problems, and how your product or service solves them.

One of the great aspects of explainer videos versus traditional commercial advertising is the length of your spot. People who are invested in watching a one to two minute video will be much more receptive and likely to make a purchase, because they care about and are looking for the actual benefits and features. Commercials rarely have enough time to get past the “why”, so while they serve their purpose, explainer videos have different advantages. A term we like that’s been coined recently is ‘honest marketing’. The idea behind honest marketing is that if a product or service is innately valuable it will practically sell itself just by being true to what it offers. So, unlike commercials which very frequently rely on celebrity cameos, stretched out metaphors, cheap humor, shock value, and a host of other mindless marketing strategies, the focus of an explainer video is aligned with the principles of honest marketing.

animated videos

Video gives the people who land on your website a fast, fun, and easy way to learn about your company, what you offer as a service, and how and why it helps them. It increases the rate at which people sign up for websites and make online purchases, it’s great for increasing recognition and memory for your brand, and it’s the most versatile form of content you can use to engage with your audience.

3. Create A Relationship

A huge focus in the modern business world, especially with the launch of social media, is creating a personal relationship with your customers, embodying more than just a distant service provider. All of the most successful companies and organizations create and promote online brands to identify and relate with their customers. This includes making the user experience interactive with ongoing content on blogs, social media, and YouTube.

So why not start a conversation with your customers that can lead you down a path to success!?

explainer videos

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How to Justify the Cost of Video Production


People love video. It has a ton of awesome applications. It’s the perfect way to market your business online and engage your viewers. However, the cost can definitely be a deterrent for small to medium sized businesses.

So how do you figure out how much you should spend to get the video you want? As a small company who has to deal this question often, we’ll do our best to give you some perspective.

7 Important Ideas to Keep in Mind:

video production

1. Don’t underestimate the time and energy that goes into planning, visualizing, and creating your animation.

Without a full grasp of how animation and video production works, clients can sometimes have a tendency to under appreciate the creative process and be more concerned about the cost and time frame rather than the actual quality. Videos are not created like magic, and we get that sooner is better, but your video is a powerful investment. They require a lot of focus, deliberation, and execution, so rushing the details could mean a sacrifice in quality and return.

2. Creating a video is a team effort and involves a lot of communication and coordination.

Whether you hire an individual or a studio, you will have to collaborate with them. They will have to ask you questions, do research, brainstorm, plan, write content, record audio, create visuals, animate, and design music and sound. And revisions are typically expected throughout.

If it takes from a few days up to a week to write your script, two or more team members are collaborating on it, and they spend multiple hours each day working and then implementing revisions, you could quickly reach 20-30 combined working hours. At a low working wage this would easily cost between $600-$1000. 

3. Much like the wide disparity in the pricing of a house, automobile, or even a TV, the cost of a video can range from roughly $1,000-$50,000.

Do you want a very basic whiteboard video or do you want a promo vid on par with a professional TV show or movie?
Either way, you get what you pay for. 

4. The cost of your video is a reflection of the time and energy put into it and the quality you get out.

For the most part, the quote a company offers is directly proportionate to the man hours invested, the number of team members assigned to your project, and the studio’s resources and overhead costs.

5. People will instantly recognize the quality of your video which affects how they pay attention, how they perceive your brand, and how they choose to respond after watching.


Not every video needs to be a visual masterpiece. Sometimes simplicity is more important for both function and budget. However, a video on your website is your brand given life. So what kind of impact do you want to have on your viewers?

6. Visuals and animation are entertaining, music and sound help tie your video together, and the most important parts of your video are the script and the concept.

A solid script backed up with simple visuals can be far more powerful than a poorly composed message with fancy animation.

7. Even videos with simple visuals have huge potential to do wonders for your business. So imagine what a badass one can do…
Dropbox went off the charts with one of the simplest explainer videos we’ve ever seen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w4eTR7tci6A. We can make you a video with much better quality for around $1,300-$2,000. If your service sells, then the video we make will too.

5 Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Budget

1. Help define your objectives and write your script

Putting together a creative brief will be very helpful for the company you hire. And don’t be afraid to put some groundwork in on the script content too. You should know your business pretty well and as long as you’re aware of some basic marketing principles, you can structure and create the main content of a script without too much difficulty.

2. Choose an inexpensive Voice Over

Respected and experienced voice talent can cost a pretty penny, but if your video’s main usage is going to be online, there’s no huge need for a recognizable voice or expensive recording equipment. You can save $200 or more on your budget by using an up and coming Voice Over who is trying to build clientele and may not have as nice of equipment.

3. Compromise on Visual and Sound Designcompromise

Like we said above. You don’t need crazy intense animation, extremely detailed characters, vivid backgrounds, and professionally composed sound to make a good video. Simple graphics, text animations, and a powerful script can do wonders.

4. Use a Template Service

Several services make it easy to create very simple animations. It’s not nice to have your video watermarked, but if you only need a basic video and you don’t have the budget for custom production, use a free template service. If you need bulk videos, subscribing could end up paying off in the long run.

5. Hire ExplainYourSite

We are proud to say we produce high quality videos at a market low price. You can find similar quality studios around the web who charge thousands of dollars more than we do. So if you want to make the most out of any budget, we will always do our best to go over and beyond your expectations.

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