It’s a way of looking at the world, a life philosophy. Not only do we think every detail of your video is of the utmost importance, but we also do our best to enjoy all of life’s moments. So, if you share our sentiment, then take this opportunity to get introduced to our crew and see how our personalities come to life through video.


Creative Direction, Script Writing, Project Management

This charming gentleman will be your point of contact throughout production. Lucky for you he’s got a knack for effective communication. Brennan’s passion for storytelling and connection also help lay the foundation of your project, and when he’s not helping write, direct, and manage production, he’s likely watching anime, practicing yoga, or contemplating the profound nature of the universe.

B.S. in Psychology
Working on his first novel
Has proficiency in Mandarin Chinese comparable to a 5-year-old.
Soon to be certified Yogi


Music and Sound Design

In addition to designing music and sound for our videos, Dave chooses to travel the country, connecting with like-minded individuals through the art of summoning sounds and instrument manipulation. His expert ear plays a major role in how viewers perceive your video, and his wild imagination adds a positive flair to our brainstorming process.

B.A. in Music Industry
Plays Keys, Guitar, and Percussion in Stoop Kids
Known for his family’s remarkable hospitality and culinary skills
He may or may not be a ninja…


Illustration, Graphic Design

Susana was just a girl when she watched The Little Mermaid for the time, and since then, she’s never stopped creating characters. Her love of beauty and order make graphic design the perfect career, and when she isn’t drawing, dancing, or reading a comic, you’ll likely find her in a movie theater with a big bowl of popcorn.

B.A. in Cinema and Communication
M.A. in Computer Fine Arts
Studies Animation and Illustration
Roller Skating Level - Advanced


Motion Design, Animation

Dmitriy’s adoration of nature flows through his creative expression, and with an all-around appreciation for entertainment and media, this provides an unending supply of inspiration. Motion design is his specialty, and after ten plus years of education and experience he can make the seemingly impossible an animated reality.

Animation is also his hobby
“Song of the Sea” is his favorite animated film
He’s a bit of a thrill seeker
Impressive Bowler


Illustration, Animation

It’s said when mind, body, and spirit are aligned, all action comes from a place of sincerity. Well, with over a decade of experience creating illustrations and animations, we’d say Ambuj has found his true calling. His admiration for art, nature, and spirituality underlie all that he does, and besides working on visual design and animation, he likes to draw and paint for leisure, sing and listen to music with his eyes closed, and explore his personal connection to the divine.

B.S. in Computer Science
Certified Animator and Long-time Artist
Regularly Involved in Non-Profits
Began a meditation practice at 15



Although he takes a backseat role when it comes to your video, his visionary mind is crucial to coordinating the business side of things. When our expert Internet marketer isn’t burrowing through passages to expand his wealth of knowledge, he’s likely basking in the majesty of creation, inspiring others with his youthful wisdom, or planning his next big undertaking.

A Natural Born Leader
Began entrepreneurial pursuits at age 15
Known for his uncanny ability to make everyone around him happy
Competitive Rocket League Player