To this day, one of our biggest success stories was working with Youzign to create a live-action stock and 3D animated video for their website re-launch. If you haven’t seen the video, check it out, and you can also watch Bertrand’s video testimonial below. (This is before we updated our website, domain, and company name to ExplainYourSite.)

 We didn’t expect the re-launch would be so successful, and simply being a part of making this all come together was beyond rewarding. So now that we’ve taken some time away from this project, let’s discuss what actually went into this project and the reasons for its’ success.

1. Distilling Their Brand

explainer video

There are a ton options out there for graphic design software so creating a distinct brand and identity for Youzign was an extremely important step to establishing a foundation for the video. The name itself represents much of what this identity is, so as creative partners we were just responsible for building and expanding on it and communicating that identity through script writing.

Nevertheless, finding a way to talk about your brand in a very simple and straightforward way is not necessarily easy. Like is said in Shakespeare, “brevity is the soul of wit”, so reducing all the excess jargon and unveiling the most essential and fundamental aspects of a brand identity can take some work. Thankfully we’ve had a lot of experience doing so, and the central tenant we use to discover our core focus is always focusing on the larger question at play, “Why?”. 

2. Simplifying Their Service

animated video

Although the service is somewhat self-explanatory, when you’re trying to communicate it through video, it’s critical to focus on the most important aspects and leave the rest for further research. Otherwise, the length gets a little longer than ideal, and you start to distract viewers from the benefits.

When a script was first brought to us, it had a lot of feature-oriented language, and we insisted that we do our best to trim it down to its most basic level and focus on creating a core message. In doing so, we created a cleaner, more fluid, and more attention-grabbing script. 

3. Capturing a Grand Vision

animated videos

Sometimes creativity doesn’t need an explanation. Sometimes ideas just seem to fit and work with a brand, and we knew from the get-go that incorporating stock footage into the video and creating a professional 3D animation of the software interface would be the best way to portray the company.

From that foundation, we then stepped into the nearly limitless options of selecting stock footage, and with some adjustments to the diction, we were able to locate a handful of clips that captured the essence of the script, fit with our word choice, looked appealing, and transitioned well between each other.

Then it was just a matter of using designs already created on a platform and incorporating them into our own original 3D design.

explainer videos

We worked on music and audio before and side-by-side with visual production. We knew we wanted something that would evoke emotion, give a sense of being uplifted and empowered, and this fit the brand’s identity of giving individuals without a design background the ability to craft professional graphics for their own business. And with the help of Tim McMorris’ lovely track, Wild Heart, the voice of our Creative Director, Brennan, and the technical savvy of our sound designer, David, we laid down an audio track that supports the visuals all the way through.

4. Engaging Website Visitors

video production

When you’re launching a marketing campaign to send traffic to your website, it’s critical that you capture their attention quickly and keep them interested in your page. Video content is by far the most effective way to do this. Not only is it a passive way for viewers to learn about your website, but the combination of audio and visuals engages multiple centers in the brain which make learning feel more like play and creates a lasting impression with improved memory and comprehension. 

5. Encouraging a Call to Action

Every video should focus on engagement, and by the time the viewer has finished watching there needs to be another step in the pipeline, whether it’s signing up to an email list, liking your social media page, or making a purchase.

As part of the landing page, Youzign’s video had a clear call to action encouraging visitors to purchase the software at a highly discounted rate, and the call obviously worked based on how the video and their re-launch campaign performed.

So our call toaction for you, is rather than letting your website sit in a motionless state, why not create a video and explain exactly what your brand and your purpose is.